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Antalya Shipping
Antalya Shipping Holding focuses in providing the best quality of service in the following fields:
Ship Owning, Ship Management, Trading
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Our philosophy

Antalya Shipping Holding, is a continuation to our family business which extends back to 1968.

We take pride in our company; because its success has derived by the way we run it. In order to ensure a high quality of service and client satisfaction, we closely follow all daily operations by the company owners. We value our clients dearly; because we believe that any successful business is dependent on long lasting and stable business relations.

Ship Owning

We have our own fleet of six (6) ships. Our fleet is closely monitored and serviced on a regular basis.

Ship Management

We handle ship management for other ship owners as well. We care about the interests of our customers.

About us

Established in 1968; Antalya Shipping Holding is a family run company whose main operations are ship owning , ship management and trading.

We have our own fleet of six (6) ships and handle ship management for other ship owners as well.

Our trading service involves that of Grains from the Black sea area, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, North Africa and some EU countries.

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